Kirti Sheonarain

My story

In my early teens, I pictured myself as this woman wearing a fancy long dress with a big black car behind her and towers in the background. That was the image of “success“ that I got from the media.

As I grew up, the desire to become someone who would carve her own journey only strengthened, but pursuing that dream was a whole different story! I had to start working immediately after completing college for financial reasons. The ultimate goal was to be able to fund my university studies.

After having completed one semester in Mass Media Communication, I joined the hospitality field through which I explored myself further and understood that what I enjoyed the most was creating magical experiences for people. Black cars and towers won’t make me happier than connecting with people, learning their stories and touching their heart by making their dreams come true.

How it all began. 

It all started with a couple who were residing at the hotel where I was employed at that time. They were celebrating their honeymoon but sadly, they weren’t be able to afford a lunch on the hotel’s yacht since the proposed rate was WAY beyond their reach. With a desperate urge to help them, I went to my manager who advised “use the resources that are available to you without sacrificing your duties”. Relieved, I went for a walk by the beach and stopped at the boat house, met the F&B manager, spoke to my colleagues and the next day, I gathered some flowers from the garden, placed them at the couple’s doorstep with a piece of paper asking them to be at the boathouse by 12pm. I had arranged for a lunch on the glass bottom boat, with two sega musicians. I believed the minimum I could do was to give them a memorable day, without expecting anything in return. Today I have made myself some lifelong friends! Oh! It didn’t stop there! I kept going, I created several shows and different events which led to unforgettable experiences for many a guest.

As time went on, I felt the need to venture out and explore my abilities further.  I wanted to acquire maximum knowledge required in the particular field to be able to provide the best service possible. So I invested in Events Management studies and left behind the hospitality world as my working and studying hours wouldn’t align. While I was still at university, I had the opportunity to intern as MICE coordinator in two hotels which were part of the pioneer hotel group in Mauritius and then I joined a small Event Management company. Things took a completely different turn from there.

The company organised big Bollywood concerts (audience up to 3000+) as well as small and large scale corporate events. Being the sole employee on the production side, I had a tremendous opportunity for hands-on learning, exposure to contacts, connections, strategies in the field. I was absolutely in love with what I was doing and during my journey there, I organised and participated in about 60+ events which allowed me develop and acquire all the needed skills.

Birth of H2H Events

It was now time for me to spread my wings and fly on my own. My former directors encouraged me to pursue my dreams and a week later H2H Events Ltd was incorporated. The goal of H2H Events is to connect with our clients and make them feel valued and special. We understand how important it is to live up to their expectations, to go the extra mile to find that glass bottom boat. Taking their dream to our heart is key to providing outstanding emotions.